Spring Boom

Memorial Day Spring Boom 2024 - May 27th, 2024

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Memorial Day: Monday, May 27th 

$40 / Athlete



Wellness Coach, Coach Errica 

Coaching on Performance Anxiety

- Using breath to increase endurance
- Recovery, rest, resilience
- Enhance focus

Speed and Endurance Coach, Coach Nayda

Coaching on Growing your Speed

- Using low intensity methods for speed development 
- Teaching then having athletes implement proper technique to increase speed
- Training the aerobic system (endurance) and building  quick twitch muscles, without sacrificing pure speed


Did you enjoy Spring Boom earlier this spring? Are you seeing your athlete grow the speed or their mindset in regards to intense experiences? Are you already seeing the BOOM?!


Did you miss Spring Boom earlier this month but want to check it out? Did your athlete participate and you’re seeing some growth but would like for them to get more development? Would you like to see your athlete implement the tools they learned here a little better?

Whatever your reasoning, it’s valid. Coming back for more work, trying this for the first time, or looking to see your athlete really implement what they learn into their performances are all reasons to come out this Memorial Day.

Just to offer some perspective, we have had a number of our Spring Boomers from this April “glow up” in a short period of time. Even those who have just done 1 camp day. One thing that I think is important to remember and consider, is that awards such as medals and trophies and even stats are not the biggest reflection of growth. Our athletes have the power within themselves to unlock the door to let their light truly shine! So the biggest gems to me are going to be: this athlete is a lot more confident when they are starting a game, this runner wasn’t scared to push harder in a race even after a competitor passed them, or the athlete is proud of themselves and feels good about themselves after they try hard- even if they don’t win. Who our athletes become is the gem! When they become more confident, more trusting of their physical body, when they choose to tap into the power of their breath, that’s the BOOM!



Spring Boom - This is a place where youth athletes and prospective athletes come to learn and experience the power of growing their skill and their gifts. They will grow their speed, their endurance, their mindset and they will grow their knowledge to prevent injury. What good is speed if it doesn’t last? What good is speed if you do not know how to overcome adversity? What good is speed if it’s crippled by injury? These limitations are common but Boomers will get the remedy here.

The growth is gradual but the progress tends to show up all of the sudden like BOOM! The growth mindset is the true way to make gains. Athletes will learn how to set an intention, and to actively do work towards that intention. The true wins are in the growth. 

It’s spring. It’s a new season. It’s a new year. Come get your BOOM! 

🌞 What: 
training for...

injury prevention

🌞 Date: 
Monday, May 27th


🌞 Location: 
the DMV
(DM for exact info)

🌞 Ages: 
7 - 14 
(turning 7 this year, not in high school)

🌞 Price: 
$40 / day / athlete 

🌞 Time: 
Arrival time: 9:15am
9:30am - 11:00am

🌞 Who:

Coach Irie Blooms (Coach Errica), Creator of Live Irie - Wellness Coach

Coach Nayda Pirela, Creator of Visionary Athletics - Speed and Endurance Coach


Who else: You! Contact me for questions! 

Coach Nayda