Visionary Fall Training

🟠 Athletes are recommended to commit to 3 - 4 days per week. Much of speed development occurs because of consistency and balancing training days.


Parents can pay for the week - $100 / week and commit to 3 or 4 days of training; or

Parents can pay by the day at $40 / day, if they can not commit for at least 3 days of training

If athletes have siblings who are joining…

$50 for the week for each additional sibling

or $20 for the day for each additional sibling

🟠 Practice and Training Days

(athletes who do training have the option to join the team practice for their training day)

Sun - Training/Practice 7am Kenilworth Park

Mon - Training 6pm Kenilworth Park

Tues - Training/Practice 6pm Kenilworth Park

Wed -

Thurs - Training/Practice 6pm Kenilworth Park

Fri - Practice 6pm Kenilworth Park

Sat -

*** All practices or training will be at Kenilworth Park to utilize the stadium lights as the sunlight changes

🟠 Start and end Date

Sunday, September 11th

Estimated end date is around early November

This program is designed to be 8 weeks; depending on the needs of the athletes more training will be available after the program is finished.