Visionary Training

Visionary training is speed training for all sports. It is only for athletes ages 7 - 14, and before athletes enter high school.


Go to Contact to inquire about speed training. You can expect a response that will share my phone number (Coach Nayda), training locations and times, and more details on Visionary Training.

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Speed can give many athletes an edge as it pertains to their sport. In my opinion, endurance is a big part of speed training or speed development as well. It is great to exemplify high levels of speed in the beginning of any competition, but ask, can you still be fast at the end of the competition? Ultimately athletes need to be able to use their abilities at the end of the competition as well, in order to seal the deal, win the game or to cross the finish line. Think about any great athlete at the end of their competition; what are they known for? Floyd Mayweather is known to be "an accurate puncher" which speaks on his precision, and that precision was certainly used to KO at the end of many fights. Steph Curry is known to be "an accurate shooter", and he and the Golden State Warriors have won many games by utilizing the accuracy of their skill in the second half of the game. Both Venus and Serena Williams are known "to serve with great precision", and this is a tactic they have both established as a part of the Williams' brand at the beginning and at the closing of a match. Sprinter Noah Lyles is known to be a "master technician", which directly refers to the accuracy of his sprint movements in regards to physics, and he is known to have an incredible finish.


Why do I mention precision? Much of speed is about an athlete's running technique, and how precisely they may hit the ground, or drive their arm, or position their foot. Why do I mention the end of the competition? An athlete's endurance level will also play a major role in if they are able to finish their competition on top or as the victor.


Visionary training focuses on speed development from this perspective. It is important for athletes "to get fast" the correct way, and that way, their speed and growth in the sport can have longevity. The other major part of Visionary training, is to focus on growth! In order to get to the bigger visions, there are so many smaller ones along the way. It is important that athlete's are empowered by their learning and their growth, and that they truly love the journey to get to the end. Athletes will also learn the simplicities around speed, that they can take with them, and continue to apply along their athletic journey.


Before starting training, parents of the athletes should connect with me, Coach Nayda, and share what the vision or goal is for their athlete in regards to speed. That goal can be very specific or it can be vague.


I have coached track for 14 years and have done speed training for all kinds of athletes in various sports for about the same amount of time. If the question is "Can you get my athlete fast?" the simple answer is yes. Better yet, I would like to say, faster than what they were. Anyone can go on the internet to learn a few things to help with developing speed, and it will help. But what makes this training so different, or better yet, so special. Listen closely because I'll tell you where the magic is. The magic is in listening to the athlete. It's in studying the athlete. It's in working with the athlete from a wholistic perspective. It's in having an understanding that not all things are black and white and that athletes also have to believe in what I'm offering them. It's in showing them the value of trying and in giving their best effort. This along with real speed training.


Track is the sport that measures speed. I am former track and cross country athlete, and I have coached many youth runners to receive their All-American status (top 8 in the country) and have even coached a few relay National Champions, a few relay National Records, a few individual National Champions, a few individual National Record holders, and I have even coached one person to earn INTERNATIONAL records in multiple events.


I am very proud of much of the work I have done with athletes growing their speed, and I feel that it is even a privilege to have been able to work with so many athletes. Any time I work with a new athlete, an opportunity is set before me to be able to connect with them, and to be able to help them grow their speed, and to be able to teach them how to become a visionary about their athletic dreams.


~Coach Nayda Pirela



Go to Contact to inquire about speed training. You can expect a response that will share my phone number (Coach Nayda), training locations and times, and more details on Visionary Training.


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